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having hair on the cheeks and chin

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Thus a man "howling vituperation at a little Negro girl being conducted into a school building" cannot compare, in Warren's mind, to "those gaunt, barefoot, whiskery scarecrows" at Spotsylvania.
But when a bigger wave than usual, an old whiskery one, came lolloping along in her direction, she scrambled to her feet with a face of horror and flew up the beach again.
heard the one about the fish" (445), Bob Death recites a joke that was later reused by the novel's author in a commencement speech delivered at Kenyon College in 2005 (collected posthumously in a 2009 volume titled This Is Water): "This wise old whiskery fish swims up to three young fish and goes, 'Morning, boys, how's the water' and swims away; and the three young fish watch him swim away and look at each other and go, 'What the fuck is water?
Gossamer moves to the trees: nervous and tense, she draws her hands down in front of her body as the Onlooker's voices her intimate thoughts: 'She feels his goat-beard tickle her in the middle of the world like a tuft of wiry fire, and she turns in a terror of delight away from his whips and whiskery conflagration' (65).
Trouble, Stubble, Goyle and Bubble, he called them: Dewi's wife Mary, the vicar's whiskery missus Shirley, hatchet-faced Chrissie Hobson and a pretty young thing with chestnut curls.
Thor stands for whiskery adventure fantasies set on far-off worlds (and, occasionally, Earth).
Around a dozen or so blokes put their razors down for the month, and it's just been revealed that their whiskery adventures raised a whopping PS1,185.
Mother's petitioners ask about the source of a headache, the whereabouts of a husband "with a whiskery face" (149) who "quit" his wife, about "the drugged-out feeling I have in my legs" (151), or about a cure for a "little afflicted girl" (150).
is probably even older and more whiskery than originally thought and may well have had them groaning in the aisles in Ancient Greece itself
Top right, Lucy Taylor, 6, at work and, bottom right, Aryan Dubey, 5, with his whiskery creation Pictures by Mike Clark (S)
TUESDAY Birmingham Rep presents I Was A Rat, a stage version of Philip Pullman's story about a mysterious young boy who claims to have a whiskery history.
Prescott is helping build a robot inspired by the whiskery snout of an animal called a shrew.
That's what came to mind - quite literally, a creature from another world poking its whiskery, velvety nose into mine, via the open window of a Vauxhall Vectra.
And because they know the guests at Center Parcs are suckers for whiskery, furry faces or bright coloured plumage they are not afraid to get up close and personal.
With the last session to bat, Warwickshire lost Ian Westwood, who edged to first slip in the ninth over, but Chopra and Porterfield saw off the highly-rated seamers and whiskery spin of Batty alike.