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Synonyms for whiskered

having hair on the cheeks and chin

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As he spoke the musicians, who had arranged themselves in a corner, struck up a dance melody while into the room pranced the Whiskered Friskers.
Yes, the Whiskered Friskers are really very clever," he replied.
The AWC in Gabuc, which also covered a river, recorded about 14,994 birds classified into 32 species such as little, intermediate, great and Chinese egrets; common and green sandpipers; Philippine and wandering whistling ducks; striated, purple, grey, rufous night and Javan pond herons; common moorhen; barred rail; whiskered terns; little grebe; wimbrel; redshank; black crowned night; golden plover; Asian glossy starling; pied triller; yellow vented bulbul; java sparrow; and pied fantail.
The biggest group was composed of tufted ducks (Aythya fuligula) at 2,692 individuals, followed by garganeys at 832 individuals and whiskered terns (Chlidonias hybrida) at 806.
They are born with some hairs on those beaks, but they lose them shortly afterward, which would set them apart from the whiskered Inermorostrum.
Once again it'll be whiskered channel cat with its thin wafer of tail fried with potatoes for dinner, and we will use a simple slice of thawed white bread to mop what remains on the plate's bottom.
a maker of beard trimmers and other hair care products, the year's "mane" event involves loading up the mobile barbershop and traveling the country to "find and celebrate guys who embrace a whiskered lifestyle.
CEO Deb Leon believes that "providing veterinary support to shelter pet parents is key part of our company's mission of helping to create healthy, happy lives for our whiskered children.
These include two primates (Himalayan rhesus monkey, hanuman grey langur); eight (8) Chiropetra (Indian false vampire bat, fulvous fruit bat, Himalayan pipistrelle, lesser horseshoe bat, common bent-wing bat, dark whiskered bat, Pallas's tube-nosed bat, Torresian tube-nosed bat or northern tube-nosed bat, Gilgit tube-nosed bat, and horseshoe bat); seven (7) carnivores (golden jackal, common leopard, Asiatic black bear, jungle cat, stoat or ermine, Himalayan palm civit and yellow-throated martin); and 12 rodents (Himalayan field mouse, house mouse, roof rat or house rat, Eurasian pygmy shrew, Turkestan rat, Indian mole rat, short-tailed mole rat, small Kashmir flying squirrel, Royle's high mountain vole; and one artiodactyle (barking deer) species.
40) each, after the design of Hello Kitty's whiskered face was carved into the exterior of each melon around a month before harvest.
CATWALK SHOWS Fancy being whiskered away to another planet?
In classrooms, wild whiskered Mugly helps struggling children gain confidence with their reading.
A whiskered man on the corner of Flagler had been screaming and kicking his own bicycle for five minutes.