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Synonyms for whiskered

having hair on the cheeks and chin

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Your perambulating pensioner has never had the gift for sport, but he loves the poetry of cricket - photos of whiskered Victorians hanging immortally on pavilion walls, timber floors, wet ham, shelled eggs and salad teas with those tomatoes sliced with surgical precision, the smell of linseed, sweat and beer.
When it comes to the hairy business of competitive beard growing, Whiskered Wonderland has become a destination.
The whiskered hero even meowed to get the attention of a passerby.
A viral campaign was launched on Facebook and Twitter offering everyone, whiskered pictures in hand, the chance to nominate five friends, encouraging them in turn to support #Movember.
Hangdog and whiskered, the man often hailed as Britain's greatest ever painter is hard on his contemporaries, kind to his patrons and horrible to his servants and children.
I shall sing the whiskered tern's lament I stole for occidental
Like last time round, President Coriolanus Snow (Donald Sutherland), a whiskered grandpa of the smiling stiletto variety, is the puppet master pulling the strings to keep the populace subjugated and ordering his underlings – who look like cast–offs from the Star Wars stormtroopers – to carry out floggings and executions to keep any rebellious souls in check.
We've had unconfirmed sightings of whiskered, Brandt's and serotine.
Rat fans can enter their whiskered pets in categories such as best in breed, most agile and most curious at an event in Bathgate, West Lothian.
Due to their owners' insufficient experience, the cat population exploded and at one point outnumbered the residents of the town, attracting the attention of a Taipei photographer, Peggy Chien, who began photographing the whiskered subjects and posting them on her blog in 2009.
The entries range from the Chillingham cattle, the American mink and the whiskered bat to the yellow-necked mouse, the bottlenose dolphin and the alpine newt.
Selangor, Malaysia, Sept 6, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - Genetic studies of Myotis muricola, otherwise known as the Wall-roosting Mouse-eared bat or Nepalese Whiskered Myotis, suggest that it consists of not one, but two distinct species.
The whiskered candidate is "running" for a seat the seat being vacated by Sen.
So wrote the whiskered wunderkind, Henry David Thoreau, while he occupied his mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson's property; building his much vaunted cabin there back in the 1840s.