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fly around


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'' Clocky is programmed to whirl around looking for places to hide, making a suitably annoying din.
In fact, it lies a fair fraction of the way to the pair of much smaller, yellower stars that whirl around the primary at a distance of about 300 a.u.
And don't forget, visitors to Life can also still grab a pair of ice skates and take a whirl around the outdoor ice rink which is open until February 21.
But Alaska just kept increasing the game's energy level by having Calvin Abueva, Vic Manuel and Chris Banchero tirelessly whirl around Fajardo and his teammates.
An insider said: "It makes I'm a Celebrity's bushtucker trials look like a whirl around the dancefloor.
Race down the tracks of Hair Raiser, the park's fastest floorless roller coaster, whirl around on the Rev Booster or experience being swung upside down on the arm of The Flash.
We happened upon Santa Claus, Sion Corn, Papa Noel, or whatever you want to call him as we headed back to the car after a whirl around Cardiff's key Christmas attraction - Winter Wonderland.
As the two inner stars whirl around each other, they periodically peek out from the disk that girds them like a hula hoop.
Most female lottery winners might treat themselves to a designer handbag or fast car, but all Rose (above) wants is a new pair of knees so she can whirl around the ballroom dance floor again!
The family tea-cup style ride lets visitors whirl around an enormous turntable in giant tyres, putting a unique Ferrari spin to a much-loved amusement park ride, said a park official.
The 90-second whirl around the "Waitrose School of Christmas Magic", which has strong echoes of Harry Potter's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has a final bit of trickery.
They whirl around at speeds of 270 miles per second (1 million miles per hour), completing one orbit in only 39 minutes.
"The music, dancing' stunning lighting, sets, and costumes will whirl around the room in a spectacle that takes one inside the musical," Lopinto says, adding that French-themed food and a give-away of a week in Paris complete the night.
Kidnapping, high-speed chases, and the secrets of the past whirl around each other.
She even managed to fit in a quick snog and a whirl around planet Earth before meeting her maker, but the whole thing was more teeth-aching than a dozen selection boxes.