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Synonyms for whirl

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Synonyms for whirl

to rotate rapidly

to move or cause to move like a rapid rotary current of liquid


to have the sensation of turning in circles

circular movement around a point or about an axis

agitated, excited movement and activity

a trip in a motor vehicle

a brief trial

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Synonyms for whirl

confused movement


Related Words

the shape of something rotating rapidly

a usually brief attempt

the act of rotating rapidly

turn in a twisting or spinning motion

cause to spin

Related Words

flow in a circular current, of liquids

revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis

fly around

Related Words

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Because the three inlets of the designed Rampressor are the symmetric periodic layout on therotor, the flow excitation characteristics and flow performance of inlet flow path 1 are studied under Rampressor rotor periodic whirl in this paper.
Utility of CT whirl sign in guiding management of small-bowel obstruction.
Nearly every issue of the Whirl included lists of curious blurbs that appeared under the heads WHY and WHO.
reach, fine gnats precede them, cowslips' lacy whirl,
We next describe an efficient query algorithm for WHIRL. Semantically, WHIRL is much like earlier probabilistic or "fuzzy" database logics [Fuhr 1995; Barbara et al.
On the other hand, poems that express the marvel of the body, its quickness, the cells buzzing along whether we know it or not, display their own whirl and buzz on the page, often with long lines and comma after comma rushing us along.
They leap and whirl and kick their rear feet as graceful as gazelles, racing about up and down the hillside as I watch unnoticed from the south-facing windows of my home.
He spent the next ten years studying storms and in 1831 published his evidence to the effect that storm winds whirl counter-clockwise around a center that moves in the normal direction of the prevailing winds.
Troops of Operation Whirl Stroke, OPWS have arrested a syndicate specialised in manufacturing local weapons in Benue State.
Yes, the 71-year-old Evening Whirl is still being published--alive and well in all its sensational glory.
According to the prosecutor, ASP Michael Iorundu, the case was transferred from the `Operation Whirl Stroke' Benue, via a letter dated May 20, 2019, to the state CIID, Makurdi.
From the 'You're Simply The Zest' Lemon Slices, 'You're The Apple Of My Pie' Apple Pies and 'There's No One Batter Than You' Mini Battenbergs, all PS1.70, to the 'You Mean The Whirl To Me' Flower Whirls, PS1, they're all very yummy.