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sexlineata is the only species of whiptail lizard on Brazos and South Padre islands, Cameron County (Trauth, 1992; Paulissen et al., 1997), making them the nearest to populations of the species in Tamaulipas, Mexico.
sexlineatus, compare those data with previously published information on more northern populations, and present a summary on the parasites of this common whiptail lizard.
Nematode parasites of the parthenogenetic whiptail lizard, Cnemidophorus laredoensis (Sauria: Teiidae) from South Texas.
Reproduction in a montane population of the coastal whiptail lizard, Cnemidophorus tigris multiscutatus.
Phylogenetic relationships of whiptail lizards of the genus Cnemidophorus (Squamata: Teiidae): a test of monophyly, reevaluation of karyotypic evolution, and a review of hybrid origins.
In the Pacific Northwest there are 2 species of whiptail lizard, Western Whiptail (Aspidoscelis tigris) and Plateau Striped Whiptail (Aspidoscelis velox).
Making males from females: the effects of aromatase inhibitors on a parthenogenetic species of whiptail lizard. Gen Comp Endocrinol 99:316-322.
Distribution and habitat of the parthenogenetic whiptail lizard. Cnemidophorus neomexicanus (Sauria: Teiidae), in Texas.
Reproductive ecology of the whiptail lizard Cnemidophorus lineatissimus (Squamata: Teiidae) in a tropical dry forest.
What she discovered is that two of the three species - the fence lizard and the whiptail lizard - did indeed use the same gene that controls the production of melanin; the same substance that controls the color of human hair.
Hybrid origin of a unisexual species of whiptail lizard, Cnemidophorus neomexicanus, in western North America: new evidence and a review.
Moreover, it was not recognizable in the field as belonging to any species of whiptail lizard known from New Mexico (Degenhardt et al., 2005).