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Synonyms for whipsaw

a saw with handles at both ends

victimize, especially in gambling or negotiations

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saw with a whipsaw

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But industry lobbyists, who have been whipsawed by economic policy twists over trade and an ill-fated border tax proposal, were sceptical that much would change.
Limlingan noted that stock markets had been whipsawed in recent weeks by mixed views on interest rate increases by US Federal Reserve officials.
This is part of the film's point, of course--all these things are connected--but it's also hard not to feel at times like we're being whipsawed through names, talking heads, data points, acronyms.
For a second day, investors were whipsawed by the biggest stock swings in two months.
The nexus of the three pairs of relations are influencing each country's dealings with the other two, as well as with the United States, and are whipsawed by events on the ground that continue to surprise leaders of these three historic rivals, the think tank said.
Emerging economies like Mexico and South Korea were whipsawed by the lack of controls, Rodrik notes.
Typhoon-driven flooding has whipsawed Thailand since late July, killing more than 280 people, affecting more than three quarters of the country's provinces and inflicting billions of dollars in damage.
Oil rose on Friday in late short-covering, ending the week higher after a volatile session whipsawed by European economic concerns.
A series of contrasting reports whipsawed financial markets, leaving stock prices basically unchanged in early afternoon trading and bond prices mixed.
Consumers are being whipsawed by the powerful marketing pitch of buy-one-get-one-free offers for nonessential items at a time when they are paying more for must-haves.
Eugene Water & Electric Board officials must have felt whipsawed on Wednesday when members of the Eugene City Council said the utility should reduce the cost of its new operations center while also incorporating additional energy efficiency features.
markets sold off heavily, but were then whipsawed the following day when the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, and others announced the details of the auction.