whipping boy

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Synonyms for whipping boy

one who is made an object of blame

Synonyms for whipping boy

someone who is punished for the errors of others


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A gentleman known as William Murray, in his youth, was King Charles I's whipping boy.
We're really putting our money where our mouth is for this one, although having seen the quality of the contestants it doesn't feel like a gamble," says Steve Collins, owner of Whipping Boy.
Barnes's trope of the whipping boy is one "who is to be flogged in the prince's place" so that "[t]he prince's body remains untouched, but his sensibilities are aroused and sharpened .
Dear Editor, A new limit on the average emissions of cars announced by the European Commission is welcome, but reinforces the role of the car as an environmental whipping boy.
Paper is a perennial whipping boy of the environmental movement: we cut down trees to make it, we dye it with toxic bleaches, we waste too much and we recycle too little.
Maybe the artist got tired of being the whipping boy for all that went wrong with painting in the '80s, and saw the digital processes he began employing in 2002 as a way out.
In The Most Activist Supreme Court in History (a title that could earn the Coulter Citation for Rhetorical Subtlety), political scientist Thomas Keck gives credit to a practice that has long been the rhetorical whipping boy of the legal right: judicial activism.
Powell whipping boy Mike McGill has recently leant his endorsement to some very modestly-priced shoes and boards available at Wad-Mart.
Shift the blame to a new whipping boy, to an external force.
The government was a frequent whipping boy at the show.
This rankles Republicans, who see North Korea (along with Cuba) as their last great Communist whipping boy.
GPs are fed up being the whipping boy for all this.
Poor old Jeffrey's been more than just a whipping boy, he's been assassinated several times.