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But then if the whip-round was organised by Jeremy Hunt, who claimed for a 5p paper clip on expenses despite being worth PS20million, it's clear why they may have been struggling.
A whip-round by friends raised PS1000 and the remainder was paid for with a bank loan.
Mitchell <B Marsh had a whip-round among his team-mates for the Aussies' coach driver
Larry's food is expected to be paid for by a whip-round among Downing St staff, rather than funded from the public purse.
TOON tycoon Mike Ashley caved into player power at St James's Park after furious United stars threatened to have a whip-round in order to pay for a private flight to Dundee.
And cattle exhibitors raised pounds 500 in a whip-round for owners of a calf that died.
After hearing the news Welsh Black breeders had a whip-round in the cattle lines to buy flowers for Eirian.
Hockley, Huntingdon racecourse's commercial executive, who overcame an injury sustained a week before the event, gamely turned up at the Bedfordshire Racing Club social event 48 hours later and was rewarded with a pounds 160 whip-round for the cause and her efforts.
Workers employed in the network design team had a whip-round for Age Concern Coventry - which was matched by the company - and raised pounds 550 for the charity.
So six of the customers had a whip-round and came up with the cash to become its new owners.
Staff and customers at the Griffin Inn in Gilfach had a whip-round to replace it and raised pounds 150.
A community rallied to save a young mum from a fire - then had a whip-round to replace her belongings.
TORY Cabinet ministers bought Theresa May a PS650 leather handbag and a PS500 necklace in a leaving present whip-round.
A whip-round by friends raised PS1,000 and the remainder was paid for with a bank loan.