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habitually complaining

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Then we walked up some more hills (overtaking other people carting whiney children on their tired shoulders), sat and drank coffee and admired 'boring' views, and walked past playgrounds without stopping.
Some say he's one of the most likeable under dogs in anime history, others say he's a whiney baby who is way too clingy; either way, someone has something to say about him.
I think you get through it by Campbell left the years ago Campbell left the years ago being a man and staying strong and not crying and being whiney.
I think you get through it by left the years ago left the years ago being a man and staying strong and not crying and being whiney.
All in all I really liked most of the characters (with the exception of Heather, who was a little too whiney and wishy-washy for my taste).
But this is certainly not a whiney, why me book, but an often amusing, wry alphabet.
Her mum felt that Ali had some signs of colic and was a bit whiney but her main problem was attachment, with mum resorting to a nipple shield due to discomfort and stress caused by feeding.
But don't expect a whiney account centered around feelings of entitlement: the author's experiences are specific and are presented here because "I have an obligation to tell you what treatment you can expect to receive should you become physically disabled in some fashion making you unable to work full time and therefore possibly in need of the assistance SSA disability insurance payments can provide in helping to cover living expenses.
They'll keep doing their work or talking among themselves and you are saying, excuse me, with that horrible ingratiating whiney tone and he or she isn't even recognizing your existence.
And even Luisa's whiney, croaky, Navy destroyer-sinking voice and general abhorrence made her the perfect panto villain.
We are not weak or whiney, but we know that hot weather just brings pestilence.
Quenan is by areas witty, acerbic, whiney, and charming.
16:01 Gulf News: Not experiencing the psychological ups and downs of sport has made young adults whiney and paranoid about the little things in life.
I think Whiney Shitehouse - Amy Winehouse - by the end of it, had become just a comic character of herself and how she sang," the Mirror quoted him as telling music blog Electronic Beats.
The ball No stupid Jabulani this time, no whiney accusations from keepers that the ball "moves through the air", just a sensible orb that is fit for the purpose 2.