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Synonyms for whimsy

an impulsive, often illogical turn of mind

Synonyms for whimsy

an odd or fanciful or capricious idea

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the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

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A British pottery Wade was behind the Whimsies - small, affordable animal figurines, which started a collection craze.
Carolyn was quick to educate us, but for the uninitiated, Whimsies first appeared in 1954, introduced by George Wade at the British Industries Fair of that year.
Four dollar (PS2.75) Fairytale Whimsies, left to right, the Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe; Little Jack Horner; Humpty Dumpty; Old King Cole; Mother Goose and Puss in Boots.
Towards the end of the century, Victorian craftsmen took advantage of even finer jig-saw blades to start cutting recognisable puzzle shapes into jigsaws, quickly becoming known as Whimsies, because they were included on a craftsman's whim.
The gallery was bohemian and bare-bones; Musgrave, who ran the place, was a pioneer in the 1950s--the first in London to show Yves Klein and the high-flying whimsies of Fluxus--and his eye remained adventurous.
While World magazine, which sounded the alarm, was scolded for joining battle in hysterical and sarcastic tones, the translators were compelled to explain in what sense it was "accurate" to render masculine terms neuter, singulars plural, or produce grammatical whimsies like "everyone...
As for mastering a Superior Jigsaw, the company claims the whimsies, together with other brain-teasing features, make their 250-piece puzzles the equivalent of a standard 1, 000 piece jigsaw.
He has collected glassware for 15 years but his stall also includes other collectables such as children's favourite, Wade Whimsies.
The design features a number of special shapes called 'whimsies' - so called because Victorian cutters put them in 'on a whim'.
Wall-mounted cartographic whimsies like Islands and Ash's Atoll (all works 1993) highlight such tropical hot spots as "Failed Expectation Shoal," "Sordid Solitude Rise," and "Cheap Sexual Gratification Key." Headless and limbless buddhas of perversity like Fat Body Totem and Little Orange Fat Body look a little like the Venus of Willendorf, minus the fecundity.
Q I own a set of Whimsies called The Elephant Train (set of five).
Q MY mother has four boxed sets of Whimsies miniature porcelain figures made by Wade, all in the original display boxes with lids.
Wade are perhaps most famous for their NatWest pigs, whimsies and decanters.
Q I HAVE a collection of around 100 Wade Whimsies. Do you have any information about them and how much they could be worth?
WADE, a firm which began in the early 19th Century, is famous for Nat West Piggies and Whimsies - small, affordable animal figurines which started a collectors' craze.Breese's BasicsTHEY first appeared in 1953, and are still sought after today.