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Synonyms for whimsically

in a fanciful manner


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She smiled at me whimsically, gloriously, and I knew there was no need for forgiveness.
Ernest shrugged his shoulders whimsically and accepted a cup of tea.
I smiled incredulously at Marlow's ferocity; but Marlow pausing with a whimsically retrospective air, never flinched.
After a pause, in which the whimsically wicked face has not been unobservant of him, Rosa says:
Lightwood was shaking his head over the air with which his friend held forth thus--an air so whimsically open and argumentative as almost to deprive what he said of the appearance of evasion--when a shuffling was heard at the outer door, and then an undecided knock, as though some hand were groping for the knocker.
It is not a private event where organizers led by a city councilor could whimsically decide to politicize and turn into a funeral wreath event,' LODI said.
Whimsically dressed in a homemade butterfly costume, RenAaAaAeAa[c]e recal the beauty of a tiger swallowtail from her idyllic childhood in Hungary and the horrors that followed when her family was sent first to the ghettos and later to Auschwitz during the Holocaust.
A whimsically entertaining picture book for children ages 5 to 8, "Best Pirate" by the talented storytelling team of author Dean Griffiths and illustrator Kari-Lyn Winters is unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for young readers.
This picture book is a whimsically illustrated, heartwarming tale of the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, and a celebration of family of all shapes and sizes.
Lloyd Webber is talented - that's obvious from his extensive backcatalogue and this score is beautifully played by the band, each of whom play double the instruments - but Don Black brings something new to Webber's music, whimsically rhyming "Pisces" with "crises" and "viola" with "Emile Zola" on the song Sheldon Bloom and also bringing the mainstream to Webber's music with Take That Look Off Your Face, which became a top three hit for the original star of Tell Me On a Sunday, Marti Webb in 1980.
The colossal, double-island kitchen opens on one side to a whimsically wallpapered breakfast room and on another to a family room with gold-leafed coffered ceiling and a bank of accordion-fold glass doors leading to a curtained veranda that overlooks a grassy children's play area, saltwater pool and spa, dining terrace with fire pit and built-in barbecue.
Lebanon has been without electricity for the last 25 years and those responsible are still on top whimsically extending their power of mandate, she added.
Thus, the SC said that the Ombudsman "did not exercise its wide prerogative whimsically, capriciously or arbitrarily.
this month begins shipping the latest offering in its long line of whimsically named and flavored confections--a jelly bean dispenser called the Bean Machine that's tied to the "Frozen" animated film franchise from The Walt Disney Studios.
The Royal Spyness mysteries are always whimsically written and fun to read.