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Synonyms for whimsically

in a fanciful manner


References in classic literature ?
She smiled at me whimsically, gloriously, and I knew there was no need for forgiveness.
I'll take the risk." Then he added whimsically: "You don't know, of course; but that little girl is better than a six-quart bottle of tonic any day.
"You talk as if you were a tailor," said Miss Bordereau whimsically; and then she added quickly, in a different manner, "This house is very fine; the proportions are magnificent.
"Of course--why not?" Dallas's eye brows went up whimsically. Then, getting no answer, he slipped his arm through his father's with a confidential pressure.
Ernest shrugged his shoulders whimsically and accepted a cup of tea.
I smiled incredulously at Marlow's ferocity; but Marlow pausing with a whimsically retrospective air, never flinched.
After a pause, in which the whimsically wicked face has not been unobservant of him, Rosa says:
Lightwood was shaking his head over the air with which his friend held forth thus--an air so whimsically open and argumentative as almost to deprive what he said of the appearance of evasion--when a shuffling was heard at the outer door, and then an undecided knock, as though some hand were groping for the knocker.
'Since the qualification points were 100 and the interview points 100, it simply means that the search committee whimsically, unreasonably and with prejudiced mind ousted all eligible candidates clearing the bar at the notified 75 per cent,' they said.
Lim made the promise after learning that some drivers were asked to pay, sometimes whimsically, exorbitant fees and fines from P500 to P1500 during a dialogue with over 2,000 presidents of various three-wheeled public transport operators and driver associations held in a fast-food restaurant in the country's capital last Tuesday.
'The management of the sacco is about to be overturned whimsically by the commissioner, thus leaving its affairs in an uncertain state and open to loss and plunder,' they argued.
This whimsical, fun story is a winner for any young reader who seeks a different portrait of the challenges of making friends on the first day of school, providing an accessible, easy, and whimsically delightful story.
"In this case, it is not shown that the NLRC exercised its judgment whimsically, arbitrarily or despotically by reason of passion and hostility considering that its findings are supported by substantial evidence," the ruling read.
There is a serious need for formulating a comprehensive mental healthcare plan at the provincial level to assess population needs and available resources to plan services scientifically, and not whimsically.
This is not a position that should be whimsically decided along political party lines, but by a candidate's qualifications that will ensure their capability to be able to lead the Sheriff's Department to overcome the challenges that will lie ahead.