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Synonyms for whimsicality

the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

the trait of behaving like an imp

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Themed around Hanks' appreciation for typewriters, each of these 17 stories leap out from the page in their authenticity and whimsicality.
It is this view of sociolegal transgressiveness in children, not yet manifested fully in the "juvenile delinquent" as it will be in the nineteenth century, but most often perceived as a group identity that partly explains Defoe's whimsicality in beginning his novel with three poor street boys, all named "Jack." The three foster brothers are "all Johns" so they are "all Jacks" because in "that Part of the Town where [they] had [their] Breeding...
Tolkien may have read Forster better than vice versa; reportedly, Forster disapproved of The Lord of the Ring because he disliked "whimsicality and I cannot bear 'good' and 'evil' on such a scale'" (Craft 255).
Perhaps, after the annus horribilis that was 2015--which began and ended with terrorist attacks in Paris--the French reading public needed a broadly upbeat tale about the positive ramifications of whimsicality, of living in a nonjudgmental and nonviolent world that celebrates each individual's quirky inclinations and desires.
Dore responds brilliantly to Ariosto's playful whimsicality. Two examples: the view from above of Astolfo's travels on the Hippogriff (XXXIII, 96-Dore 106), as though the reader were astride a hippogriff of his or her own directly over the hero's head; and the sublime little image of the poet crossing the sea without a ship (XXXIX, 19, 2: io vo' passar senza navilio il mare--Dore 121).
Lelang's view of Batu's whimsicality is at the very least "bon vivant," but much more: "Her work is the affirmation of the stance against oppressive voices," she explained.
Is there an eagerness I am not aware of under his comfortable exterior, the solid figure beginning to round out, the enormously strong thrusting jaw & his one cauliflower ear, and the aggressively matter-of-fact tone of his talk with its no-nonsense good humour & impatience and touch of whimsicality? Could I work with him without all this--there is something provincial about it--jarring on me?
(41) Hence, the search for a formal law of science is actually a search for invariance, an escape from the whimsicality of natural change into the coziness of constancy taken as a fixed standard of reference.
“Our designs are simple, yet elegant, and reflect the whimsicality of our business,” Carol Langdon said.
"Dinosaurs at School" will encourage early reading, concept formation and understanding, counting, and memory, as well as encouraging a sense of humor and whimsicality. Early storytelling skills can be enhanced, and a final page lists an object vocabulary with accompanying illustrations.
Charming aesthetic virtues include gracefulness, wittiness, vivaciousness, imaginativeness, whimsicality, liveliness, and so forth.
In 1926 he praised the Polish-born Conrad's "virile talent, his Englishness, his free brow [sic], his clear, steady and humorous eye, his narrative verve, power and grave-faced whimsicality." Reflecting on the similarities between Conrad's novel and The Magic Mountain, Mann added: "the conflict of West and East forms its political background....
The iconic Radio Brynsiencyn programme, adored by listeners across Wales for its engaging whimsicality, was started by Ian and his wife in 1984.
It's these unexpected touches of whimsicality that make "Foosball" such a pleasure to watch, from the hilarious list of stadium sponsors to Grosso's outsized Xanadu of a mansion, replete with statues of himself in imitation of everything from Rodin's "The Thinker" to, best of all, both figures in Michelangelo's "Pieta."
2d at 729 (stating defendant failed to overcome presumption of validity); Whimsicality, Inc.