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So that I seie that the face of this place ne moeveth me noght so mochel as thyn owene face, ne I ne axe nat rather the walles of thy librarye, apparayled and wrought with yvory and with glas, than after the sete of thi thought, in whiche I put noght whilom bookes, but I putte that that maketh bokes wurthy of prys [price] or precyous, that is to seyn the sentence of my bookes.
Besides the "W," the scribe also indented the first two lines of the actual tale (There was whilom, as that seyth the scripture, / In Fraunce a ryche man and a worthy), expecting an initial "T" to be added later.
Addendum for Dialogue Between the Traditional Strategic Management and "Acquired" Entrepreneurship Scholars--Random Quizzicality from the Whilom World
Master Joun Rikil whilom Tregetour Of Noble Henry King of England & of Fraunce ye mightie conquerour, For al the sleights and turning of thine hond Thou must come nere my daunce to vnderstond Nought may auayle al thy conclusions, For death shortly nother on sea ne lond, Is not deceiued by none illusions.
Hym thoughte that his herte wolde breke, Whan he saugh hem so pitous and so maat, That whilom weren of so greet estaat; And in his armes he hem alle up hente, And hem conforteth in ful good entente (952-58)
Most uncouth in appearance, slovenly and untidily dressed in loose clothes that never fitted, unable to manage his h's, and devoid of all sense of personal comfort--he burned gas in the fireplaces instead of coal or wood--the whilom bootmaker ate his cutlets from Sevres china, sipped his '48 claret from Venetian glass, Bouchers and Fragonards studded his wall and Gouthiere cabinets stood round his room.
the gush of fell despair Drags reason, senses, mind, and all That whilom was--in famine's thrall, And lays the mighty ruin bare- Then rose the shrill and piercing yell, As if the demons, loosed from hell, Were raging in that dungeon cell.
Whilom thou was peregall to the best, And wont to make the jolly shepeheards gladde With pyping and dauncing, didst passe the rest.
Emphasis on such items as whilom or always, on one hand, and northern thou or southwestern en on the other, on dialectal and obscure words of Old English origin, would help underline the essential continuity of development between such seemingly alien language states as Old and Modern English respectively.
Thapostel writ unto ous alle And seith that upon ous is falle Thende of the world; so may we knowe, This ymage is nyh overthrowe, Be which this world was signified, That whilom was so magnefied, And now is old and fieble and vil, Full of meschief and of peril, And stant divided ek also Lich to the feet that were so, As I tolde of the Statue above.
small pox']; boil water in a crock, add honey, skim continually the foam away till it will foam no more; then sip and drink oft and whilom as thou hottest may.
The whilom brands of avant-garde began to deal in nostalgie, develop a Proustian relish du temps perdu.
Lok on the book that Iohn Bochas made Whilom of wommen with rethorikes glade, And directe be ful souereyn style To fayre lane the queen of Cecile.
In the revision both here (G179) and in the balade the lady is named Alceste, whereas the standard Prologue does not name her until her own formal declaration in line 432: 'I your Alceste whilom queene of Trace.
There is a gentle nymph not far from hence, he read, That with moist curb sways the smooth Severn stream, Sabrina is her name, a virgin pure; Whilom she was the daughter of Locrine, That had the sceptre from his father Brute.