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Synonyms for whicker

the characteristic sounds made by a horse

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make a characteristic sound, of a horse

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Whicker says: "I fell about at Monty Python, but the chairman of my company was rather indignant, so I dropped a line to John Cleese, jokingly saying, 'Very funny.
He was more nervous of the Alan Whicker Appreciation Society, but they were such a hit with him on This is Your Life that he embraces it wholeheartedly.
More astonishingly, while Alan Whicker was being photographed, a woman suddenly interrupted, and exclaiming, "Mr Whicker, Mr Whicker, I'm taking your travel book back to the library and it's a year overdue.
As ever, Whicker was in at the start of this modern media revolution and, in 1993, was the first to be named by the Royal Television Society Hall of Fame for outstanding creative contribution to British TV.
Born in Cairo in 1925, Whicker was aged four when the family moved to London after his retired Army officer father caught rheumatic fever and died.
Among much fascinating detail, Whicker revealed that Getty had installed a pay phone for guest use.
When Getty revealed he made a "thousand" a minute, Whicker asked if this was dollars or pounds and got the famous reply: "Does it matter?
Whicker has never had a career plan, as "the telephone has always kept ringing and the doors opening:
He who travels alone, travels fast, as Whicker has proved.
Whicker's World Take 2, by Alan Whicker, Andre Deutsch.
Film maker Louis Theroux, who was influenced by the double Bafta winner's work, tweeted: "RIP Alan Whicker.
Whicker, awarded a CBE eight years ago, was born in Egypt and moved to the UK as a child.
At one time Whicker, with his distinctive slicked back hair and militarystyle moustache, was covering 100,000 miles a year - and admitted it had taken a toll on his personal life.
Asked in an interview last year if he had any unfulfilled ambitions, Whicker replied: "Yes - I never got round to cruising the Chilean fjords.
WARTIME J Whicker was once captain in Devonshire Regiment