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light rowboat for use in racing or for transporting goods and passengers in inland waters and harbors

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Robert Watson Boyd was born in Gateshead on September 20, 1854, the son of a wherryman (a coal-carrying tug on the Tyne).
There's plenty to see and do on land too, including windmills, nature trails and walking the new Wherryman's Way.
'Charger' Barton Turf Wherryman (16) Salmons 1870 William 'Bullets' Catfield 1878 Team man (17) and farm bailiff Miller Harry F.
He was born in Dunston, Gateshead in 1812 and worked at the Jarrow Pit, then as a ship's carpenter, as a cinder burner, and later as a wherryman. He married his cousin, Susannah Hawks, in 1836 and took up competitive rowing in 1837.