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Synonyms for wherewithal

Synonyms for wherewithal

the ability and the means to meet situations effectively

all things, such as money, property, or goods, having economic value

Words related to wherewithal

the necessary means (especially financial means)

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The Benin monarch prayed to God to continue to give the president good health, wisdom and the wherewithal to steer the ship of the nation to the next level.
"Many of the landowners have been suffering for so long because they do not have the wherewithal to hire an attorney," he pointed out.
The Houthis have waged the war with Iran's support but how could a drone developed by them reach Dubai when they lack the expertise and wherewithal to develop one?
Johnson said a lack of candidates with time or financial wherewithal means some parts of the community are not represented.
The younger of the two was a tad more fortunate as one set of our grandparents had improved by the time she passed the test and provided the wherewithal for her to attend.
Prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC said "substantial quantities of chemicals and bomb-making wherewithal" were found when Rehman, 25, and wife Sana Ahmed Khan, 24, were held on May 28.
The former seems fairer; however I have to say that having attended trials here both as juror and as an observer and I am not convinced that all jurors have the wherewithal to absorb the evidence then to deliver the right verdict as directed by the judge.
"I've asked my team to shake the trees all across the country for some of the best ideas out there for keeping college costs down, so that as students prepare to go back to school, I'm in a position to lay out what's going to be an aggressive strategy to shake up the system to make sure that middle class students, working class students, poor kids who have the drive and the wherewithal and want to get a good college education, they can get it without basically mortgaging their entire future.
Distributors provide credit to partners who don't have the wherewithal to roll out IT projects, and many resellers choose their disties based on their ability to extend credit and financing.
"Otherwise they would be in the Conference keeping out a team who might have the wherewithal to go higher in the pyramid.
The 1,100 Sky Blues fans who travelled to East London made their feelings clear as they chanted "David McGoldrick, he scores when he likes" before demanding "sign him up!" Robins said: "We'd obviously like to keep him but I don't know whether we've got the wherewithal to do that and I'm sure that other clubs will have him on their radar."
The color grading system pages now run to 80, and should give anyone the wherewithal to grade used guns.
CRAWLEY v STOKE Broadfield Stadium, 12pm MANAGER Steve Evans believes Crawley have the wherewithal to cause an FA Cup upset against Stoke this weekend.
Andronikou said of Lloyd: "I take all interest seriously but he has to prove to us he has the credentials and the wherewithal to take it forward."