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Synonyms for wherefore

that which provides a reason or justification

a fact or circumstance that gives logical support to an assertion, claim, or proposal

Synonyms for wherefore

the cause or intention underlying an action or situation, especially in the phrase 'the whys and wherefores'


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Wherefore if such chastisement inflicted on David encourages him but to enter upon fresh trespasses (as the girl Irene avers), the reason must be that his heart is not like unto that of the noble Porthos.
Wherefore do you keep your boy while I keep my dog, and so we shall both be pleased.
It is not good to steal, wherefore it is the law that the man who steals must die.
No man pulls another man's sled, wherefore the man is killed.
Wherefore necessity must be laid upon them, and they must be induced to serve from the fear of punishment.
Many people who don't have knowledge about this text, wherefore, they complete their instructions through easy paisa.
In the case of theses contentious jobs, employers are exempt from paying pension insurance contributions wherefore the deficit at the pension fund has to be filled with national budget transfers.
I realise the Cyprus Mail cannot be seen to make unproven links between the two events, wherefore I do not feel I have grounds to report the matter to the police.
Wherefore art thou wherewithal to learn, listen, and savor?
An whereas unconstitutional suspensions of its functioning through illegal constitutional deviations imposed prolonged periods during which it was denied existence; And wherefore the serial numbering of the Senate Session was reinitiated after each revival so that the current session is numbered the 127th Session of the Senate of Pakistan; As whereas in actual fact it is the 247th Session of the Senate of Pakistan as the House of the Federatio; and Now therefore the Senate of Pakistan resolve to designate the current Sessoin as the 247th Session and all preceding and succeeding session will be designated numbers accordingly.
The Republic of Macedonia, he added, as a transit country is faced with this problem and witnesses the suffering of these people firsthand wherefore its cooperation with the Mediterranean and Eastern partners is very important.
Mediator Nimetz said both parties expressed a wish that talks should speed up wherefore a new round will be scheduled after the elections either in New York or in the region.
Wherefore, with a magnanimity, and excellent exercise of judgment, which are only the province of those who have acquired a consummate knowledge of human nature, and who know how to turn to advantage the extraordinary dispositions of those intrusted to their care, they sagaciously managed matters in such a way as to enable me to ride my hobby to a certain extent, and still, at the same time, to prevent me from giving a bad example.
Of all the arts inmates might be exposed to, wherefore the Bard of Avon?