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Synonyms for wheezy

having a tone of a reed instrument


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relating to breathing with a whistling sound

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Casson, in a treble and wheezy voice, with a slightly mincing accent.
He celebrated his landing by mopping up half a case of gin and by thrashing the elderly and wheezy mate of the schooner which had brought him.
When we found our sight four revolvers covered us, and between two of them the colossal frame of Reuben Rosenthall shook with a wheezy laughter from head to foot.
Miss Clark told the inquest Ellie-May began suffering with a wheezy chest and was first admitted to hospital in November 2011, two months before her second birthday.
They got very wet and cold and as he was driving, the cousin became wheezy and was complaining about the effects of the cold.
Medical experts warned citizens as dry cold has increased skin dryness and allergy to the extent of Psoriasis, itching, common cold, pain in joints, respiratory tract infection, cough and flu, wheezy chest, high grade fever and stomach upset to the extent of watery stools.
ON WHEEZY and smoky nights in the old pubs, pint-pot philosophers spoke of the world's great sequences.
Paired with production from the likes of Wheezy, Playmakers, and TM88, his two solo projects to date consist of emotive Atlanta rap designed to carry you through darker times, to push you to go out and get it.
Pharmacist Mike Wakeman says: "For children with asthma, summer can be a struggle, as summertime ailments such as coughs and hay fever can really exacerbate the asthma symptoms causing a tight and wheezy chest, and some may have trouble catching breath, particularly when it's a very dry heat.
The toddler age is a wheezy age when kids are developing asthma, but they also get a lot of fevers and colds," says Phipatanakul.
buckets, eating our profits up, wheezy and fig-laden.
Any advice for something to keep a baby and a nearly four-year-old amused while not leaving us as wheezy, itchy wrecks
Weaving his Scots burr with the wheezy raps of American 4dB, it's so good how the two accents work.
In those who do have a sulphite sensitivity, it will make them a bit wheezy and maybe they'll get a bit of a rash.
Don't think the new C1 is just a wheezy town toddler, either.