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breathing with a husky or whistling sound

breathe with difficulty

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2] and wheeze, and to some extent for coarse PM, were relatively stable across multiple time lags and moving averages, which does suggest that these are not due to chance alone.
There were 2,426 cases of new-onset wheeze in the group.
Of the 41 participants who had wheezing while infected with a rhinovirus while infants, 54% had a diagnosis of asthma by the age of six compared with 23% of the 214 children who did not wheeze with rhinovirus.
Camargo and his colleagues defined any wheeze as a mother-reported wheeze or physician-diagnosed asthma, wheezing, or reactive airway disease at ages 1, 2, or 3 years.
The author of the report, Dr Andrea Sherriff, said, 'These findings suggest that children whose mothers made frequent use of chemical-based domestic pro- ducts during pregnancy were more likely to wheeze persistently throughout early childhood, independent of many other factors.
There was no evidence that less frequent use or heavy use of paracetamol before 20 weeks of pregnancy increased the risk of wheeze for children.
Prof Warner said babies who developed a persistent wheeze almost certainly had asthma, but by the time it was diagnosed the best chance of treating the disease had gone.
7 (ANI): Exposure to cigarette smoke during pregnancy and in home at three and 15 months of age is linked to increased risks of wheeze and asthma in babies, warms a study.
BABIES who breastfeed for long periods of time after birth are less likely to wheeze and suffer other breathing difficulties, a new study has shown.
Epidemiologic studies of farmers, farmworkers and commercial pesticide applicators have linked specific pesticides, including paraquat, chlorpyrifos and other organophosphates, and pyrethroids to asthma and wheeze (Castro-Gutierrez et al.
In logistic regression model 2, for assessing the effect of different combinations of chronic respiratory symptoms, the odds of reduced percentage predicted forced expiratory volume in one second for the combination of cough and wheeze was 2.
A range of respiratory viruses is known to cause acute wheeze, including bronchiolitis and asthma exacerbations.
For this study, published in JAMA, researchers sought to determine whether prenatal vitamin D (cholecalciferol) supplementation can prevent asthma or recurrent wheeze in early childhood.