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an obsolete gunlock using flint and a revolving wheel

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"Disklok is a very effective full cover steering wheel lock for cars and light commercial vehicles.
* A hand-operated wheel lock that sets the caster in a parked position.
"Classic steel steering wheel locks first became popular in the 80s and 90s but remain an extremely effective way of stopping and deterring thieves when technology alone is not enough."
The need for wheel locks varies greatly depending on the level of injury and personal preference.
To cut down car crime, before they leave their vehicles, owners are being urged to: * Shut windows/ lock doors * Activate alarm/ immobiliser * Not leave anything on display * Purchase a steering wheel lock * Park in a garage overnight where possible Steering wheel locks can be bought from Cleveland Police at a discount price of pounds 35..
Swivel models are fitted with oblong top plates and can also be ordered with wheel locks or brakes.
Standard features include a height-adjustable push handle; a padded seat insert with a removable, washable cover; height-adjustable armrests; one-piece, angle-adjustable, elevating footrest; calf panel; swivel front wheels; toggle wheel locks; solid tires; a canopy; and under chair storage basket.
"Wherever possible try and implement security devices into your vehicle, such as car alarms, immobilisers and wheel locks. Fora cheaper alternative to wheel locks, locking wheel nuts is another device that is cheap and easy to install and will help prevent wheels being removed ."
DRIVERS whose cars are at risk of crime in one North Wales county are to get free wheel locks in a new initiative.
Wheel locks secure the stander while transferring and provide the user with the option of safe stationary standing.
And 44 per cent have never fitted security devices such as steering wheel locks or alarms, says a survey for Yorkshire Bank.
Steering wheel locks are one of the most popular and effective deterrents, and most approved type is the Autolock 2000 steering wheel shield.
The GSI system operates by projecting a very low frequency (VLF) signal around the store's perimeter Shopping carts are outfitted with a specially designed wheel that has a built-in receiver mounted on a digital chip and internal brake Gatekeeper's Wheel receives the coded VLF signal, and when the shopping cart approaches a designated property line, the wheel locks and prevents it from rolling any further.
A mobile plinth with four-point castor mounting and two integrated wheel locks ensure mobility.
Options include all-swivel wheels, wheel locks, shelf pads and shelf locks.