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an obsolete gunlock using flint and a revolving wheel

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"There are also a number of videos on You-Tube which demonstrate how effective one of these steering wheel locks can be in preventing thefts."
"I had my head cracked open by a metal bar, which was part of a steering wheel lock. I suffered three broken ribs and I'm lucky I'm alive.
The suspects smashed his rear view windscreen; and hit him over the head with a steering wheel lock. The man suffered a deep cut to the back of his head, and bruising to his ribs.
The Revvo Caster Company (West Seneca, NY) has announced its T Series line of kingpinless fabricated steel, twin-wheel casters featuring wheel locks and directional locks.
With that in mind, tires still go flat, wheel locks still need to be adjusted and front casters still need to be cleaned or replaced.
Choose a regular padlock ($28), motorcycle wheel lock ($45), cable lock ($45) or receiver lock ($39).
In simple words, sensors on the front and rear wheels independently monitor the speed of rotation at all times and can sense the risk of wheel lock whenever the brakes are applied.
Our advice is to remove all valuables from display, make sure windows and doors are locked, park off-street where possible and purchase a further security device such as a steering wheel lock."
With ABS, the system monitors wheel speed and reduces brake pressure when impending wheel lock is detected.
The glowing "match" of a matchlock showed in the dark and gave away their positions during their nighttime raids, leading to beheadings and other unfortunate events, and they complained bitterly that wheel lock guns were too expensive.
Police are hunting a criminal who was sentenced to sevenand-a-half years in prison for attacking a man with a steering wheel lock in Birmingham last year.
At low speeds, the motor adds an appropriate amount of wheel lock. Parking, for example, the ratio is such that just two turns are needed to go lock-to-lock.
``So we should work together with our communities to make life difficult for them.'' Neighbourhood officers in Kirkby launched an initiative six months ago where anyone with a vehicle with an Mregistration or older was given a free steering wheel lock. Police received funding from the Safer Merseyside Partnership to buy the locks.
and is available with wheel lock and wheel brake options.
"Its ability to spin on the wheel when attacked prevents steering and damage to the vehicle's own steering wheel lock," the spokesman added.