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a draft horse harnessed behind others and nearest the wheels of a vehicle

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"My son Jeff put together a website devoted to Wheel Horse tractors as part of his senior project," Don explains proudly.
"I am a Wheel Horse fanatic, really," Chris explains with a wink.
Bruce Lauer, Canton, Ohio, and son Anthony have been collecting Wheel Horse equipment for 11 years.
Eric Mettle, Hartville, Ohio, has also been collecting Wheel Horse equipment for about a decade, although he was around the machines for many more years than that.
The pinion and bull-gear final drives were produced by Wheel Horse but used Ford's differential, rear axle, hubs and brakes (taken from the shortened axles).
Wheel Horse Collectors Club board member Bill Pearson, Richmond, Va., is a diesel mechanic by day.
Organized Wheel Horse collecting might be a relatively new pastime for many folks, but not for the Byers family.
On May 23, 1974, Cecil Pond sold Wheel Horse Products to the American Motors Corporation, who ran the business as a wholly owned subsidiary, Wheel Horse Products Inc., a Delaware corporation.
14, 1982, Wheel Horse was sold to a private investment group, who continued to operate the business until 1986 when it was sold to Toro, a company that actually knew outdoor power products, and how to build and market them.
"Wheel Horse put Toro back into the riding mower business," says Ed Cole, Toro's representative at the WHCC show.
Ed, who still owns vintage Wheel Horse tractors, has never missed a WHCC show.