wheel horse

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a draft horse harnessed behind others and nearest the wheels of a vehicle

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In 1956 Elmer called his company Wheel Horse Products, Inc., and with their products selling so well, they sold over $1 million in their first year.
Featuring: Orchard St Hi-Crop Tractors, Wheel Horse Garden Tractors, Domestic Gas Engines.
Also available: Classic Garden Tractor Fever calendar, featuring a 1953 Bolenz Handi-Ho, 1964 Ford 120, 1956 David Bradley, 1974 Case 224, 1973 Oliver 125, 1968 Wheel Horse 500 Special, 1966 Springfield TME-6, 1964 Cub Cadet 70, 1977 Speedex 1430, 1970 Gilson S-14, 1971 John Deere 112, 1949 Gibson D and 1992 Ingersoll Diesel 4118D.
Featured Steam Engine: Russell Featured Lawn Tractor: Wheel Horse. Contact: Pawnee Chamber of Commerce, 918-762-2108; Deb Hunt (Arts & Crafts), 602-307-6141; Chuck Sittler (Flea Market), 918-798-4004; www.oklahomathreshers.org
"A second-year build was in the works when Motor Wheel sold the REO line to Wheel Horse Products, South Bend, Indiana," Denny says.
In 1963, Motor Wheel sold the line to Wheel Horse Products, South Bend, Indiana.
While sifting through an online auction in April 2005, looking for parts for his 1994 Wheel Horse 520-H garden tractor, he saw something unusual.
"It's a good transmission, especially compared to a Wheel Horse or Bolens," Dennis says.
Jon Cicarelli, Norwich, Conn., showed the 1961 701 Wheel Horse he and his dad restored.
Read more about garden tractors: Garden Tractors: Deere, Cub Cadet, Wheel Horse, and All the Rest, 1930s to Current by Oscar H.
Will's book traces the development and marketing of the leaders of the pack--Deere, Cub Cadet, Wheel Horse and more.
In a twist, Mike chose a Wheel Horse chassis as the basis for that fabrication.
This year's feature will be unstyled tractors, all brands; Wheel Horse lawn and garden tractors and Cushman engines.
In 1958, Motor Wheel ceased production of REO engines for the mowers, opting instead to use Lauson engines labeled "REO Raider." In 1963, Motor Wheel sold the entire line to Wheel Horse Products in South Bend, Ind.
He also likes the Speedex brand because it was built by Harold Pond's company and provided the basis for Wheel Horse tractors, which were built by Harold's brother, Elmer.