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Synonyms for wheedling

the act of urging by means of teasing or flattery

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But his whingeing and wheedling over who was behind the war crime which brought down flight MH17 rings hollow either way.
Felicity Lott is superb as Elle by turns wheedling, persuading, despairing - always immaculately sung.
BONUS WINNER: ESTELLE BUSCOMBE, LIVERPOOL ACROSS DOWN 1 In a different place (9) 6 Warning shout made by a golfer about to make a shot (4) 7 Gain possession of, acquire (6) 9 Green gemstones (8) 11 Cheapest accomodation on a passenger ship (8) 13 Savour, enjoy (6) 14 Cyan, eg (4) 15 Explosive mixture used in fireworks (9) 2 Iced fruit dessert (6) 3 Gave a tangible form to (an abstract concept) (8) 4 Mild-tasting Dutch cheese (4) 5 Multi-legged arthropod (9) 6 Three-time Wimbledon tennis champion (4,5) 8 Devotee of a cause (8) 10 Narrative song (6) 12 Obtain by wheedling or cadging (4) SOLUTION to Crossword January 27 ACROSS 1 Capricorn; 6 Milk; 7 Sticky; 9 Charisma; 11 Physique; 13 Aviary; 14 Bald; 15 Broad bean.
With inadequate revenue to pay for social programs and benefits, Greeks confront a tough choice: Adopt stringent austerity measures immediately or procrastinate, wheedling and borrowing funds, dropping the euro in favor of a devalued drachma.
The first is her elder brother Derek wheedling his way into the house.
Rapunzel was particularly good, especially her wheedling peasant mother, who didn't have enough intelligence to leave the witch's radishes alone, and the bit about the prince who got his eyes gouged out by thorns.
1% of what Liliane gave you," was another comment aimed at the French photographer accused of wheedling 1 bln euros in gifts from the elderly Bettencourt.
he'll ask, wheedling from the contestants the reasons behind their machine picking strategy.
Meanwhile, the greasy, spineless and eternally wheedling Gaius (James Callis) is thrust into a particularly lame subplot that may explain some of the show's geek appeal -- the percentage of attractive women on this ship who'll have anything to do with greasy, spineless and eternally wheedling men is inversely proportional to the percentage of attractive women in real life who'll have anything to do with greasy, spineless and eternally wheedling men.
Liz is unsure what to do when her wedding day dawns, thanks to ex-husband Jim wheedling his way back into her affections.
He said his client "could have milked this case for another year, bartering and wheedling and so on," but instead chose to accept responsibility quickly for his actions and face the consequences.
After wheedling her way into Kelly and Lloyd's love nest, it looks like she's now keen to get her hooks into the cabbie.
Wheedling to go to a movie when there was a soccer match on was a no-hoper.
Her partner in Bluebeard's Castle, Jason Howard, has a very secure low bass range for a baritone, and his portrayal of the hopelessly romantic Duke Bluebeard up against Judith's relentless wheedling and prying was at once touching and frustrating.