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small songbird of northern America and Eurasia having a distinctive white rump

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The bird is a desert wheatear, which is a rare vagrant to this country in autumn.
The Northern Wheatear is one of seven widespread small passerines that commonly breed at high latitudes north of the tree line in parts of the North American Arctic.
The moors are home to bird species, such as merlin, golden plover, curlew, peregrine falcon, lapwing, dunlin snipe, redshank, common sand-piper, short -eared owl, whinchat, wheatear, ring ouzel and twite.
But, most of all, to try to take a photograph of a wheatear on our garden wall.
Greenland wheatear ADRIAN FOSTER Bird of the week was a stunning black-winged pratincole for a few hours at RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands, hawking over the border pools, but just as special was a beeeater over the Great Orme on Friday.
Among the bird species that he mentions finding in the desert and wadis inland from the airfield, in addition to vultures, are the houbara bustard, desert lark, kingfisher, sandpiper, blue jay [Indian roller], hoopoe, blue-headed wagtail, desert wheatear, stonechat, small white owl, [presumably little owl] and a species of nightjar.
What do bufflehead, collared pratincole, white-throated needle-tail and desert wheatear have in common, apart from the fact that they are all birds?
Due to the improvement of wheatear in the current year, Iran`s grains production will increase to 18.
Whaup, for example, has been applied to curlew, avocet, and blue tit, and barley-bird to an astonishing tally of at least seven other species: common gull, greenfinch, grey wagtail, nightingale, siskin, wheatear, and wryneck.
AN INVASION of Spanish rarities, including a Scops Owl, a Black-eared Wheatear, a Night Heron, a Woodchat Shrike and several Alpine Swifts and Hoopoes, appeared in Cornwall at the end of March following a long spell of southerly winds.
Kings of the moment are about me: a lapwing following its cries over the moor, and a wheatear flicking cream-and-buff on a grey stone, as if it were light come alive, no time for a shadow.
1 gun has two barnacles and a crab on the right lock and two red-breasted geese and a wheatear on the left lock.
I have seen the Red-rumped Wheatear south of El Hammam west of Alexandria and courtesy of a clapped-out Fiat 131 managed to find a pair in an area of Bedouin barley fields.
The Pied Wheatear is usually found in Southeast Europe or Asia.
Rhod Llewellyn, from Canton, landed second place with a wildlife shot called Wheatear - a migratory bird which breeds in Wales but spends winter in Africa.