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By giving a chattel mortgage on their growing wheat, they borrowed enough, at twenty per cent, to buy seed corn and a plow.
They were able to thresh enough wheat to repay their debt of six hundred bushels and keep an additional three hundred of seed for the following year.
I measured in this way," said Sancho; "going to help her to put a sack of wheat on the back of an ass, we came so close together that I could see she stood more than a good palm over me.
Edwards, was a Grecian king, who— no, he was a Turk, or a Persian, who wanted to conquer Greece, just the same as these rascals will overrun our wheat fields, when they come back in the fall.
If you had to sow your wheat twice, and three times, as I have done, you wouldn’t be so massyfully feeling toward the divils.
I guess dad's try at cornering wheat was about the most profitable thing that ever happened--to the other fellows.
Daddy and grandpa are busy in there cornering wheat.
In point-by-point reviews of Davis' claims published by the Journal of Cereal Science and the American Association of Cereal Chemists International journal, Cereal Foods World, little of Wheat Belly stood up to scientific scrutiny.
The results revealed that yield and various yield contributing traits of wheat and canola were influenced significantly by different intercropping treatments.
Canadian scientists set out to evaluate the ability of electronic nose technology, which mimics human olfaction, to discriminate between refined and whole wheat bread made with white or red wheat bran, based on their headspace volatiles.
Japan said Tuesday that it would resume imports of some US wheat later this week, ending a two-month suspension that came after genetically engineered crops were found on an Oregon farm.
Many foreign traders have been scrambling for deals in the Saudi market after the Kingdom decided to scrap its 30-year program to boost local wheat output that had reached self-sufficiency.
Although all the intercrops reduced number of tillers m-2, number of grains per spike, weight of grains per spike, 1000-grain weight and grain yield of wheat significantly compared to its monocropping, nonetheless, the additional yield obtained from each intercrop compensated more than the losses in wheat production.
The government has raised the wheat support price by 11 per cent without developing consensus in the Council of Common Interest as agriculture and its pricing are now provincial subjects.
1998) reported that a 5-year TN loss from continuous fallow, with no applied fertiliser, was greater than from spring peas or winter wheat plots.