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Also weaving some magic at the opening night of A Wrinkle in Time was Reese Witherspoon, who plays the magical Mrs Whatsit.
Whatsit in the upcoming Disney movie based on the 1962 novel of the same name by Madeleine L'Engle, reports femalefirst.co.uk.
Variety: "This unapologetically weird, discursive and totally delightful whatsit will repel staid multiplexgoers faster than a beaded, barefoot hippie in a Beverly Hills boutique"
Whatsit swipes a dozen of them to use as ghost costumes to scare away nosy parkers), and they're absolutely crucial to this Wrinkle--they help make up the transformed, airborne Mrs.
Whatsit and Charles, Meg's brother, go on to explain that the three dimensions--a line, a square, and a cube, respectively--allow us to see things both in 2D and 3D perceptual space.
Whatsit for the first time, and Meg's life would never be the same.
For pre-schoolers + The Pirate and the Penguin ($24.99), My Think-A-Ma-Jink ($15.99 pbk), Annie Bizzanni ($14.99 pbk), Tall Tilly & George and the Dragonfly ($13.99 pbk); One step up are the Rita and Whatsit paperbacks with the 2 friends at school, the beach etc ($10.99); Then there are The Adventures of Charlie, stiff paperbacks involving The Bogeyman, Monkey Island, Bigfoot ($9.99)
Yes, he took the pictures of his whatsit for a laugh with his team-mates in the England squad hotel.
TAKING over someone else's job can often be fraught as people ask: Will they be as good as old whatsit?' Or Why did they want to saddle themselves with that job?' It's the latter that Chevrolet must have struggled with when they took over Korea's Daewoo, nearly four years ago.
Wafi whatsit, cash builder and Rog and Peter playing guess the answer with each other.
As Toot says, "He knew that the best present was usually something you made yourself, a one-of-kind thingamajig, not just a whatsit anyone could buy in a store." We can all use that reminder.
With major cult status cringing to nearly all the films from his first 15 years as director, there's considerable fan curiosity surrounding Nicolas Roeg's first feature since the 1996 telepic "Samson and Delilah." But "Puffball" turns out to be all too aptly named--a misshapen whatsit with nothing very substantial inside.
Making a nonsense of van Whatsit's top 25 because there are only maybe 50 architectural blogs out there.
Dolphin began his article with a negative blast at Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, and then called Klein's Metis wife Colleen "a whatsit." He then quoted one of the premier's old fishing buddies as saying Colleen was keeping her husband from retiring because once they left public life she'd return to being "just another Indian."