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Synonyms for whang

the act of hitting vigorously

Related Words

beat with force

Related Words

propel or hit with force

Related Words

attack forcefully

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Erma Carr was a native of the Philippines and the family was active in many events held by the Whang A rei Filipino Society.
Whang said the issue was oversubscribed, prompting the bank to upsize the amount to P30 billion from P5 billion originally.
Kim's ability to lead the Company's strategic vision,' said Yoon-Suk Whang. 'We believe that unifying the role of the chairman and CEO is the most effective leadership structure at this time.
Kim succeeds Scott Yoon-Suk Whang, who was appointed Lead Independent Director of the company and Bank, effective immediately.
WHANG A Native American money B Wall-eyed C Leather thong who am I?
According Elise Whang, co-founder and CEO of LePrix, the resale of fashion industry is $25B and is projected to double in the next five years as recently.
Whang Sun-young, a 24-year-old business student, says the newspaper still holds special appeal for her.
Previous recipients of the Paralympic Order have included former IOC President Jacques Rogge, Lord Sebastian Coe and Dr Whang Youn Dai.
The challenge now for Murphy and his suddenly-more-famous band " which includes the core members Pat Mahoney on drums and Nancy Whang on keyboards, along with the guitarist Al Doyle " is to transcend the insta-nostalgia of a reunion tour while contending with those sceptical fans who felt betrayed by the Jay-Z-like retirement fakeout.
With John MacLean joined by LCD 's Nancy Whang, the similarities are ever more apparent and this is a smart and sassy mix of old school house beats, Seventies disco and punk attitude.
With dance boffin main man John MacLean, joined by LCD's Nancy Whang, the similarities are ever more apparent and the pair's new album, In A Dream, is a smart and sassy mix of old school house beats, Seventies disco and punk attitude.
Ex-LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang along with regular festival headliners Pleasurekraft and London based duo The 2 Bears will bring the Casa Bacardi festivities to a close on Sunday night.
"It gives people more flexibility," says CEO Elise Whang, who started the site last April when law school debts cut into her shopping but her career still mandated that she dress well.
Talley Whang will practice as a dermatologist at Reliant's North Lake Avenue location in Worcester, while Dr.