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something especially big or impressive of its kind


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Thursday should also be dry and bright and as long as The Whacker stays on its current course, Friday and the weekend could be dry.
The fate of my weed whacker was sealed a couple weeks later when my wife decided that I was not doing a good enough job and that she would have to take on the dandelions herself.
Boateng standing on his driveway using the weed whacker along the edge of an approximately 10- to 12-foot, sloping vegetation patch between the Boatengs' and Ms.
The tiny two-wheelers sound like an out-of-control weed whacker, and tens of thousands of them are hitting the streets with young drivers.
But Whacker is not simply a play on stereotypes; the video proffers an empty chain of narrativizing and scopophilic signifiers, with no underlying character per se.
She's still a little steamed over the weed whacker I gave her last Christmas (I mean, jeez, it's 4-cycle, so she doesn't even have to mix the oil and gas).
Some brushes tear through hair like a weed whacker.
They appear to be "made of balsa wood and duct tape, with two small propellers attached to what look like the engines of a weed whacker," the AP reported in March.
Classroom Internet access is not essential since programs like Web Buddy or Web Whacker can download pages onto disks for use later.
The Dirt Whacker belt cleaner from Ace Arc provides a level of automatic operation, can be supplied for any belt width and is compatible with most existing scraper mounting arrangements.
Lorry driver Perry Whacker, 32, of Rotterdam, Holland, was charged with 58 counts of manslaughter after the grim discovery.
In the weeks and months following the July 1999 murder, the graffiti--including a drawing of a baseball bat with the words FAG WHACKER written inside and the slogan "All fagets [sic] in the Army will be killed"--increased.
The weed whacker is powered by a one-cylinder engine that runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil.
X-O Odor Whacker (odor eliminator/air freshener) and X-O Odor Whacker-Dirt Attacker (odor eliminator/air freshener/general purpose cleaner) solve odor and cleaning problems in seconds without the use of harsh chemicals.
According to Blue Squirrel, additional features in Web Whacker 2000 include a simplified interface, the ability to view content as it is being downloaded, the ability to pause and resume a download in progress, and compatibility with all leading Internet browsers.