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The present invention recently patented generally relates to a wet wipe or sheet that is suitable for contacting the skin and that has a stratified wetting composition therein.
Starfactant wetting agents are star-shaped hyperbranched polymers for substrate wetting that efficiently lower static and dynamic surface tension to help coatings wet difficult-to-wet substrates, while helping to eliminate foam.
Recently, wetting balance was used to evaluate the wetting properties of several alternative solder alloys and, in particular, lead-free solders.
Using screw conveyors, dust is transported from the baghouse into a small silo, which feeds a high-speed pin mixer for wetting the dust prior to placement in a landfill.
Conversely, carbon black dust cannot be dispersed in water without assistance such as a wetting agent or steam grinding.
Fill all bottles with heated water, using funnel to avoid wetting socks.
No, wetting is not a defect, but it is a necessary occurrence in order to prevent or minimize a number of defects.
A child who is still wetting (enuresis) or soiling (encopresis) past ages 4, 5 and 6 is considered to have a problem.