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a woman hired to suckle a child of someone else

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10) Of course, wetnurses were common in the formation of male child subjectivity; yet this does not diminish the discourses of woman's milk and female company that dogged such practices with associations of femininity.
According to the wetnurse registry from the 1850 and 60s, some ten percent of children were "lost" with their nurses.
Quintilfian positioned the wetnurse as the first step in a child's incremental development of language learning: from nurse, to parents, to the paedagogus, to the praeceptor, to the grammaticus, and finally to the rhetor.
This composition appears to draw on a third Weiditz woodcut (fig 3) of an old woman, a crone-like wetnurse, accompanied by two small children.
The notion of divine birth and/or a divine wetnurse and nanny for the king goes back to the middle of the third millennium in Mesopotamia.
Eventually, Lilburne is betrayed to the authorities by Aunt Cat, his black wetnurse.
The bitch occasionally acts as a wetnurse for a newborn baby when the mother does not have enough milk or is ill or dies after birth.
Spivak's effort is to note that the gendered body of a female wetnurse becomes symbolic of the relationship of the subaltern continent to the colonizer.
At that moment my wetnurse came running, wrapping herself in black, and she shouted, "The news about the Basha has proven true, so give me, Siyah, the two children (tiflayn) and I will take them to Mas'ud Basha's house so they will not be disturbed by the screaming and shrieking.
His metaphor of the two breasts ("les deux Mamelles"), which is also a local toponym, situates the anthropological origins of creole culture in the Da or wetnurse who fed the master's child at one breast and her own at the other.
Here disappears Solveig and her wetnurse Eigil's wheelchair and Peter's suitcases and here Peter's cap w/springs and his scissors and the pictures of Erna in a bikini
Though explained naturalistically as the wetnurse in infancy of the novel's hero, old Ellinor's first dramatic appearance when she rears up in her scarlet cloak at the lord's gate is full of folkloric resonance: she is the banshee who traditionally prophesies the fall of a noble house; or, as she afterwards regales her foster-son with nationalistic tales from Irish history, Cathleen ni Houlihan, a symbolic realization of Ireland who has come to instruct him in his Irish identity.
The natural revulsion displayed in response to the marriage proposal by Sygne cannot be disassociated from the fact that Turelure's mother had served as her wetnurse.
It was variously called Barnard's satellite and Jupiter V (because it was the fifth satellite to be discovered), but the French astronomer Camille Flammarion (1842-1925) suggested it be named Amalthea, after the goat (or nymph) that served as wetnurse for Jupiter (Zeus) during the god's infancy.
For Ginevra being taken to her wetnurse as a baby, in November 1392, see Francesco's letters to Stoldo di Lorenzo, ASPO Datini, 697: 109144 (17 November 1392) and to Manno degli Albizzi, ASPO Datini, 543: 400421r and 400429r (18 November 1392 and 24 November 1392).