wet lung

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acute lung injury characterized by coughing and rales

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The significant increase in wet lung weight (Figure 2) and lung/body coefficient (Figure 3) and the large increase in total cell count number in BALF (Figure 4) indicated that oedema started early and was followed by inflammation.
Total wet lung weight was measured as an indicator of lung inflammation due to Bleomycin [7.
Causes of respiratory distress in neonates presented on CXR (1,3,4,6,7) Term neonate Premature neonate CXR findings Meconium aspiration Aspiration Infection Infection Increased lung density Transient tachypnoea Transient tachypnoea of Symmetrical or of the newborn (TTN)/ the newborn (TTN)/ asymmetrical Wet lung Wet lung Respiratory distress Focal or syndrome (RDS) diffuse / hyaline membrane disease (HMD) Pulmonary haemorrhage Spontaneous pneumothorax Spontaneous Crescentic pneumothorax lucency Patent ductus / Linear markings persistent foetal Increased circulation vascularity Table III.
of Duke University Medical Center, and showed that the compound demonstrated statistically significant increase in survival, protection against radiation induced body weight loss; normalization of wet lung weight increase and reduction of radiation-induced inflammation by removing free radicals and regulating HIF-1a signaling.