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Synonyms for westward

the cardinal compass point that is a 270 degrees

moving toward the west

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toward the west


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Pronghorn "occurred westwardly at north to Shasta valley, Siskiyou County; centrally to open hills of Contra Costa County and to Salinas Valley, Monterey County; and southerly, at least to piedmont or mesa region where Pasadena is now located and to San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County.
Winds between the two tropics typically flow in a westwardly direction and are known as the trade winds.
Since the crucifixion, the Star of Empire has westwardly held on its brightening way, crossing the Atlantic ocean, and is now sending down its reviving rays on Oregon and California.
The Clinton administration is continuing to bend all oil-transport pipeline proposals away from Russia, which would allow the former Soviet-occupied republics to lessen their dependence on their old masters and lean more westwardly, economically and philosophically.
Our analysis shows that as slavery spread westwardly beyond the early colonies into the southwestern regions of Lower South, slave codes became increasingly stringent.
I found her out there On a slope few see, That falls westwardly To the salt-edged air, Where the ocean breaks On the purple strand, And the hurricane shakes The solid land.
Given the current patterns, it is reasonable to hypothesize that the greatest degree of gene flow occurs in an east-to-west direction and that gene flow is restricted in the north-south direction if larvae are unable to cross the westwardly flowing currents.
Daylight is provided by Elder Brother Sun (man-being) as he glides overhead westwardly along the interior surface of the sky dome from his place of emergence in the east, pausing overhead at noon to look down upon the affairs of men.