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make western in character

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The reason the powers that be are keen to Westernise Mandela's legacy is that its pure and unadulterated form is a damning verdict on a shameful episode of Western discrimination against, and exploitation of, Africa that unfortunately continues in different forms today.
Among other more general things it sought to Westernise the Ekai and Dani ethnic groups' fashion sense by encouraging them to dispense with their traditional dress, especially the `primitive' sheaths.
She wants to stop Oriental girls having surgery to westernise their looks.
Lebanese expatriate Ayah Mohammad, 23, who was one of the respondents to answer yes, said she knows people who fake or westernise their accent when speaking English.
The modern Caucasian beauty ideal has been packaged and exported globally, and just as surgical operations to Westernise oriental eyes have become more popular, so the beauty standard has become increasingly prescriptive.
You cannot Westernise countries with such vastly differing cultures and religions, they just don't mix.