western whiptail

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active lizard having a network of dusky dark markings

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Hybridization between the endangered unisexual gray-checkered whiptail lizard (Aspidoscelis dixoni) and the bisexual western whiptail lizard (Aspidoscelis tigris) in southwestern New Mexico.
The parasite has also been reported from other subspecies of the closely related western whiptail, C.
Helminths from the Sonoran spotted whiptail, Cnemidophorus sonorae, and the western whiptail, Cnemidophorus tigris (Sauria: Teiidae), from southern Arizona with comments on Abbreviata terrapenis (Nematoda: Physalopteridae).
Food habits of the western whiptail lizard (Cnemidophorus tigris) in southeastern New Mexico.
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