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Synonyms for West

the countries of (originally) Europe and (now including) North America and South America

the cardinal compass point that is a 270 degrees

the direction corresponding to the westward cardinal compass point

Related Words

British writer (born in Ireland) (1892-1983)

United States film actress (1892-1980)


English painter (born in America) who became the second president of the Royal Academy (1738-1820)

a location in the western part of a country, region, or city

Related Words

situated in or facing or moving toward the west


References in classic literature ?
Salters went West for a season with Penn, and left no address behind.
We had a drink and left at once, the Old Soldier remarking that if we three old birds couldn't find something better than this it was about time we packed our traps and went West; and sure enough, 48 hours later in a village not far from Bethune each one of us had picked up with a respectable bit of goods.
Meanwhile, EastEnders veteran Jane also went west. To Cardiff.
But in this book, the only person of color we hear from is a female physician with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who was a bigwig with the United States Agency for International Development and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before she went west. Oh, yeah, and Patsy Fleming, a "petite light-skinned African-American mother of three" who was also Clinton's second AIDS czar.
Louise Smith Clappe went west to the gold mining camps with her doctor husband and wrote lively, detailed letters describing life in the California mining camps.