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Synonyms for sea

Synonyms for sea

a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land

anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume

turbulent water with swells of considerable size

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The High Court in Glasgow heard that George Innes, 27, from Fraserburgh, went to sea after he was released on licence from a four-year drugs sentence.
I doubt if any of them ever went to sea and never experienced the horrors that our sailors did on those terrible journeys.
We also went to Sea World, where they named three new baby otters Buffy, Willow and Xander (after characters in the show).
Just like the Jumblies, England's batsmen went to sea in a sieve in the third Test.
Only 20 percent actually went to sea as merchant mariners, in part because of the lack of seafaring jobs.
At 20, David himself went to sea asan unclassified deckhand withTyneside shipping company Hunting & Son.
Coun Boyack said: "I went to sea as a boy of 16 and travelled the world.
AS an ex-merchant seaman I first went to sea in April 1930 and made my final voyage in 1963-64.
First prize went to Sea Gate Gallery owner Margy Gates for her painting titled ``Interlude.
Victor, from Peterhead, first went to sea at 17 and became a skipper four years ago.
He went to sea for a few years and then moved to New Zealand.
The 39 victims visited casinos in Las Vegas, went to Sea World and even saw hit movie Secrets and Lies before they killed themselves, believing they were going to join a UFO.
He went to sea when he was 16 and spent 10 years travelling the world.