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Synonyms for wellhead

the source of water for a well

a structure built over a well

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According to Vice President of Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore Kevin Chell, the new design addresses the need to access wells in cases where the wellhead was not designed to handle the loads and strain induced by modern, larger and heavier BOPs.
Talking about how competitive are Wellhead Solutions' offerings, Miranda says: "Today's market is very competitive, even a slight cost variation on the long run helps big companies.
It is a key step in our company's evolution and ambition to provide the industry with wellheads and associated products, which are gas tight and methane leak free."
For the Meyal and Dhulian gas field, the wellhead price has been increased by 10%.
We then used the model to conduct a key test that was never done in real life: We ran the model to see what likely would have happened if dispersants had not been injected immediately above the wellhead during the crisis.
Although the contract award represents the first time Simmons Edeco will have delivered wellhead, valve and asset maintenance services at Aldbrough, the company has been providing similar services elsewhere for SSE.
Coupled with its excellent reputation in the UK, I'm confident that Simmons Edeco will soon be recognised globally as the 'go to' company for valve, wellhead and asset integrity services.'
Subsea wellheads form a critical part of the drilling and production systems, and they are the driver for designing and sizing other equipment, such as connectors, risers, BOPs, and casing programs.
Wellhead valves are critical components in the drilling process, noted Purington.
The Alpha Wellhead topsides, at 23 x 23 x 10 metres in size, are scheduled for completion in the spring of 2014.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) signed three deals, worth 850 billion rials, with three Iranian companies on wellhead equipment.
Keywords: Parallel programming, wellhead pressure, correlating parameter.
Owners Total said a diverter has been put on the wellhead to stop gas accumulating around the rig, which was evacuated when it began leaking gas on March 25.
Aker Solutions will be the sole supplier for all of the oil company's surface wellhead equipment, installation and lifecycle services operations in the Western Desert of Egypt.
This is the first surface wellhead contract won by Aker Solutions in Bahrain, which marks a successful inroad into this important Middle East market.