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Synonyms for wellhead

the source of water for a well

a structure built over a well

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According to NDP, an unmanned wellhead platform is a facility with a fixed substructure deployed on the seabed, with dry wellheads located on the platform deck.
When the valve components become worn, wellhead operators routinely replace or refurbish them.
Jean-Claude Perdigues, managing director of GDF SUEZ E&P UK, said: "The move-out of the Alpha Wellhead topsides is a significant step in the Cygnus project.
The wellhead looks fairly simple, and Ellingson said it is.
For more than a decade, we have offered gas producers wireless, intelligent, automated well site management solutions that let their wellhead equipment rest at appropriate times, cutting electric power needs, reducing wear and tear on equipment and saving money on maintenance and personnel costs.
Bacterial contamination of groundwater sources caused by poor wellhead protection has been linked to endemic and epidemic diseases in developed and developing countries (Makuch & Sharpe, 1988).
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports an average wellhead price for natural gas in its Natural Gas Monthly publication, after the final production and price data are received on Form EIA-895 "Monthly Quantity of Natural Gas Report.
These have included delineation of wellhead protection areas for municipal groundwater supply wells, and the evaluation of groundwater resources potentially under the direct influence of surface water.
End-use prices for natural gas in 2001 were well above those of 2000, even though the national average wellhead price generally fell throughout the year.
i) the proposed dismantling of Gas Wellhead Price Agreement (GPA) of the Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and
The crew's supervisor, who worked for Vintage Petroleum, ignored workers' repeated requests to connect a hose to a wellhead that was spewing water.
World's Biggest Contract in Subsea Wellhead Production
Contract Awarded to Provide wellhead equipment and associated services to Statoil.
qa Closing date: November 23, 2014 Charter of a wellhead maintenance vessel Tender no: GT14113700 Description: Charter of a wellhead maintenance vessel together with her crew to support offshore operations.
The scope of the project will represent 10,500 tons of fabrication work and consists of the 3,900 tons process and utilities (PU) module, two bridges of 200 tons and 250 tons and a 250 tons flare, a 1,600-ton wellhead module and 1,500ton compression module (which will be installed onto the PU module) all destined for the Cygnus Alpha three bridge-linked complex.