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a comparison comprising a well-known quotation followed by a facetious sequel

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In fact, scholars to name these unique sayings ' wellerisms' in direct association with Sam Weller's frequent use of them.
Also, in the Ngugi wa Thiong'o Wizard of the Crow, the use of wellerisms is also noticed in the narrative frameworks.
Even though proverbs are sometimes defined as words of wit, here wellerisms surpassed them in terms of witticism in that real proverbs are informative and useful linguistic signs of cultural values and thought that required the use of a sense of observation of nature which is tagged by the configuration of the proverb and it is immediately used by the entire community.
Wizard of the Crow, also as a novel that is powerfully funny, wellerisms is once again used to criticized greed and corruption, a prevailing socio-political situation in the Imaginary Aburirian Republic.
(13.) Usually the contents of the proverbs can be easily understood, but in some cases, namely wellerisms, a very brief explanation is provided to clarify the meaning.
Wellerism, a proverbial expression is drawn into alliance with an
Kingsbury define the Wellerism as follows: 'Normally a wellerism
satirical effect' (A Dictionary of Wellerisms (New York and Oxford:
Baer's "Wellerisms in 'The Pickwick Papers'" for a background on Wellerisms.
"Wellerisms in 'The Pickwick Papers.'" Folklore 94.2 (1983): 173-83.
(5) "Wellerisms" are "brief comic comments which link a simple description of a concrete situation to a far-fetched, often grotesque and macabre idea" (Gooetsch 152).