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a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous

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The theme for the annual day, promoted each year by the International Stress Management Association, is "Employee Wellbeing as a Worthwhile Investment in Your Business".
On August 10, Wellbeing Leave is being officially implemented as part of Lendlease s focus on physical and mental wellbeing and its commitment to being A Place that Cares .
According to well-being programme co-ordinator Andy Hearn, it is far more comprehensive than any other DHB staff wellbeing programme in the country.
An ambitious wellness initiative by Wellbeing Medical Centre to promote preventative health within the local community has turned into four consecutive successful family fair events, attracting more than twenty sponsors who offer valuable services and gifts for its visitors, thus promoting a new health model in the UAE.
We often hear about ways of improving our physical wellbeing such as eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and avoiding harmful substances.
For example, terminal illnesses could reduce both wellbeing and life expectancy.
Causeway Wellness stands out from many other wellbeing programmes for its focus on proactive support, tailored to address a comprehensive range of health and wellbeing issues identified.
Only the north west of England fared worse, where just 24% of staff claimed their employers make provision to look after their wellbeing.
My defense of an objective conception of wellbeing is contrary to the general trend these days.
Studies have in fact shown that productivity can double when engagement and wellbeing are jointly considered when implementing new work policies.
The award celebrates workplace wellbeing and covers effective planning, supportive management, supportive culture and work-life balance - all leading to more awareness of health and wellbeing and a healthier workplace.
The regional breakdown in wellbeing scores is largely consistent with Gallup and Healthways state-level results, which find wellbeing generally higher in Western and Midwestern states and lower in Southern states.
Synopsis: Individual wellbeing, engagement, and a culture of wellbeing link to important organizational outcomes.
In September 2012 7DAYS published its sixth edition of Wellbeing magazine.
Our Wellbeing is more than simply being happy and it's not limited to our physical health or wealth.