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Synonyms for well-read


Synonyms for well-read

well informed or deeply versed through reading

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Gordon Willoughby, director of the EU Kindle, said: "As the summer reading season gets into full swing we're excited to announce that bookworms in Merthyr Tydfil have been included in our most well-read list this year.
PEOPLE in Sandwell are a well-read bunch with the number of reading groups now meeting at local libraries on the increase.
Well-Read Lives: How Books Inspired a Generation of American Women.
Endrina Tay, a manager of the Thomas Jefferson's Libraries project at Monticello, says she hopes his scribbles can answer questions about our most well-read President, like "What did he read?
MARILYN MONROE You knew us but we never knew you, You were fragile as a mirror but not transparent, Loaded with talent, Incredibly well-read, sensitive and sensuous, You tried so hard in your poetry and writings, Will anybody ever know the real Marilyn or anybody else?
Enjoy the intimacy of Advent at this literary gig featuring all the best food and a top talent of local writers whose books will make the perfect Christmas gifts fort the well-read among you.
A well-read Bible will tell us how we need to trust and obey God so that we can know the security of His forgiving presence.
Our website is already well-read around the world - especially by ex-pats eager to know what's going on back in their home town.
and we'll keep adding new information to keep you well-read.--Editors
"Children were treated to the traditional Emirati dance of Ayyala, because it is not only important to be well-read but also to be culturally aware as well," Al Kous said.
It is hard to believe that any educated, well-read, parent would even consider allowing their children to eat such unhealthy food.
Our magazine is very well-read across the company and a hugely important communication tool for us.
In my opinion PEJ should spend its well-read pages on forward thinking articles like Diane Shannon's great interview with Mark Chassin, on the truly transformative change emerging science will have on the practice of medicine and delivery of health care.
Including over 500 locations in the US and Europe, this guide is intended for the well-read traveler.
One senior Royal aide said: "She is extremely well-read on interior design and has a natural flair and individual style.