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Will Shu, founder and CEO of Deliveroo, said: "This new investment will help Deliveroo to grow and to offer customers even more choice, tailored to their personal tastes, offer restaurants greater opportunities to grow and expand their businesses, and to create more flexible, well-paid work for riders.
"But given the scarcity of rental properties in the capital, a well-paid job often comes with a price such as a two-hour commute, over-the-top rent or living with parents.
Mr Javid told The House magazine: "There are people that sadly will be well-off and in really well-paid jobs and they might finish their dinner party and call up someone they know, some nice guy, who turns up at their door and hands them drugs.
Critics online are calling for Alqattan's advertisers to cancel well-paid endorsement deals following her comments.
'We understand very well that only a healthy, happy, well-educated and well-paid workforce will enable Pakistan to attain its full social and economic potential, and this is what we are working towards with complete sincerity of purpose,' the Prime Minister said.
We are also calling for raised public investment to the OECD average of 3.5% of GDP, so that the UK has the infrastructure needed to attract business and create well-paid jobs.
I would bet that the TS13 anomaly is the result of the advertisement of some, reasonably well-paid jobs, in the polyhalite industry.
The continuing low unemployment rate provides opportunities to Lane County in the form of more well-paid jobs with benefits - and employers who are willing to train workers for them - which can lift families out of poverty.
How can any intelligent voter believe major decisions should be made by unelected, very well-paid bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg deciding our future and destiny?
MPs have accused the Government of failing to take action to cut the gender pay gap, warning that barriers to women getting a well-paid job will continue.
Zero out of 10 for making such a pig's ear of it that questions will now be asked about his suitability to carry out other well-paid, high-profile, part-time jobs.
To make matters worse, they are labouring with near-frozen salaries while fatcat executives and a handful of extremely well-paid consultants rake in bonus cash.
The fact its head office will be here means thousands of well-paid jobs in the city centre even before any track has been laid.
I'm not in any way defending the LibDems, merely pointing out that the current Labour administration will be just as much dependant on the guidance of very well-paid engineers as they were.
If you find something odd about a very well-paid television presenter boasting about the stuff she's found in skips, or the high chair left out in the street for someone more needy that she's helped herself to, then look away now.