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But Germany responded in a very well-ordered way, Chancellor Merkel famously pronouncing "Wir schaffen das", or "we have plenty on our plate, so we can cope with that".
A Well-Ordered Thing is a classic work that tells the story of one of the world's most important minds.
Rule of law is exactly like that.Living in a well-ordered and prosperous society would always be much more beneficial to all than chaos, anarchy and management by crisis.
Last year an inspection by the HM Inspector of Prisons in Scotland (HMIPS), found that while Shotts was "calm and well-ordered" but there were concerns that a new psychoactive drug (NPS) was damaging "positive and effective" work directed at creating a safe environment in a prison.
The well-ordered garden has "gone wild," as they say.
Justice, Diversity, and the Well-Ordered Society, BRIAN KOGELMANN
When I Am With Dad tells of Elizabeth, who likes a perfectly well-ordered world.
A concise, well-ordered resource on technological and everyday breakthroughs, Gilchrist's illustrated A-to-Z listing enlightens readers on the extent of innovation from the nonwhite world.
The theoretical models for this behaviour describes charges lining up in either parallel lines or a well-ordered checkerboard pattern but until now it has been impossible to discern one from the other at the experimental level.
Bookindy embraces Amazon's well-ordered and familiar catalogue for browsing and allows you to buy the book from your local independent bookshop shop if you want to."
That's right, in a well-ordered, adult life free of psychoactive substances.
Structured around the 75 largest US metropolitan areas, this extensive reference work provides well-ordered details on 2,888 suburbs across the country.
What followed was a well-ordered drill by the Manzil pupils who made sure they didn't miss a beat.
The fabrication of nanostructured materials by template synthesis method employs well-ordered PAA because well-ordered PAA provides regular pore shape and narrow distribution of specific pore diameter and interpore distance for the synthesis of nanostructured materials of uniform dimensions.
Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), and their colleagues at the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, and other institutions, have made the first precise measurements of the "edge states" of well-ordered nanoribbons.