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Occasionall one finds a book in the crowded field of church-state relations that takes a well-mined subject and presents its familiar material in a refreshingly thought-provo-king way.-Such is the work of Randall P.
With all the well-mined talent he'd discovered, Mr Walker wrote operas to showcase his best voices: Peter Bunce, a rare bass voice who could sing bottom C, was ideal to play Friar Tuck in an opera about Robin Hood, and Lorna Haywood, who went on to an international career in opera, was the leading lady in all the productions.
Such a research base is extraordinary, even in the well-mined field of Civil War history.
Kolchin here details topics that are well-mined (such as the rich comparative literature on slavery) and those that are strangely under-developed (such as the nature of nationalism during the Confederate war).
The fact that six of the nine essays deal with that well-mined period -- 1900-30 -- rather compounds this perception.
Amid the scattered pine trees on the floor of the well-mined gulch, I find the site of old Oro City, a ramshackle gold camp born in an 1859 gold strike.
The rewards for blind family allegiance is a subject well-mined in films such as "The Godfather," but Ferrara takes audiences to much more fundamental psychological/emotional issues of family bonding than the operatic, Greek-tragic concerns of someone like Francis Ford Coppola.
He also quite rightly seeks out a few striking figures that work - like watching from an airplane "clouds buffalo below" - and a couple of well-mined situations, then briefly complains of the "unorthodox manner" in which "Tejdeep handles language," adding that "restraint and craft" may be expected to emerge "by and by." Tactfully, he does not comment on, but surely deplored, the publisher's foolish use of a square format and awkward typography together with simpleminded illustrations to enhance (the inevitable word) these sixty-nine mostly down-to-earth poems.