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Synonyms for well-meant

marked by good intentions though often producing unfortunate results

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I am not knocking the people who are trying to control it with these well-meant ideas but you have to get at the root cause, which is mainly due to lack of policing and parents who allow their offspring to stay out half the night and probably don't even care where they are, or what they are doing.
While New Year intentions are always well-meant, here are some facts that might highlight the difficulties that lie ahead.
Importance of choosing the right words Rosemary Kuria says although Elias Mokua's article advising readers not to exalt politicians was well-meant, calling them "bipolar" trivialises a serious mental disorder.
In a note to Mrs Thatcher thanking her for the way she handled her Commons statement, he wrote: "I have written to Alec to explain why in April 1964 I did not bring him in on what was happening about Blunt and to say how sorry I am if in my well-meant effort not to add to his burden I may, with hindsight, have exercised by discretion wrongly."
The President's well-meant words reassuringly conveyed the message that appropriate government response measures were going to be taken.
But the well-meant gesture has sparked sales on sites which do not generate any income for the charity.
Along the same lines was also the statement of the President of the Judicial Council, Zoran Karadzoski, who believes that every "constructive and well-meant criticism is acceptable to the institutional he is in charge of".
This shows a marked intent to tackle the problems and find solutions even if they include well-meant mediation so that the killing fields are brought to an amicable end.
He will be keeping things simple, playing to his strengths and implementing well-meant advice sparingly.
His or her well-meant self-indulgence asks a touch too much of even eager listeners.
Faith-based movies follow a pattern -- they're well-meant, with straightforward production values and a generally sentimental tone.
In delivering the responsibilities, companies get lost in well-meant initiatives, which swallows the resources and gives little in return.
"It feels good to receive so many friendly wishes for recovery and other well-meant words", Corinna added.