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Synonyms for well-meaning

not unfriendly or threatening

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marked by good intentions though often producing unfortunate results

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'We are appealing to philanthropists and well-meaning Nigerians to come to the aid of these indigent patients, many of whom cannot afford surgical fees, and this has resulted in blindness in many cases,'' she said.
These well-meaning souls are comparing this evergreen tree with the eucalyptus which no bird likes to sit on and even bees don't make their hives on them.
It surreptitiously commandeered the media networks, which previously dealt in factual information and now provided opinions in a sneering manner, destroying one by one the members of the well-meaning government.
Worse, a lot of people are too naive, fence-sit, or choose to be opportunistic, like those with widely known track records of human rights violations, corruption and plunder, such that they can't even pause and take a second look at the real problems even if these have raised the concern of the well-meaning world.
ODD Streep As a well-meaning but clueless patron of the arts, heiress Florence (Streep) decides to launch herself as an opera singer in 1930s New York.
But terms like 'infectious enthusiasm' and 'exceptionally well-meaning and hard-working' have little to do with parks director Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman).
The whole point of a CNR programme is to break the breeding cycle so that rogue animals do not breed more animals and exacerbate the problem, something that a lot of people in authority and the well-meaning do not appear to understand.
The contents (all of which were FMCG) have not been provided at Ministry's expense but sponsored by keen and well-meaning Lankan industrialists and their firms.
They cannot see the clear evidence staring them in the face every day, and consider that their well-meaning efforts to save the planet might actually amount to anything more than a massive waste of time and resources.
WELL-MEANING cat lovers are causing moggie mayhem at a historic Teesside site.
The fact that his message largely runs counter to the teachings of the Church appears to be lost on senior school administrators, most trustees and the vast majority of well-meaning volunteers within the Catholic school system.
So instead of laying off professional librarians and replacing them with well-meaning amateurs, if cuts have to be made why not lay off road sweepers and have every unemployed youth doing a day a week each?
Sangakkara had said that the country's cricket administration has turned "from a volunteer-led organization run by well-meaning men of integrity in 1996" into an organization that has been in turmoil ever since.
Doesn't that phrase tell you much about well-meaning, eager-to-please modern, useless, identityless Britain?
It was the condescending tone that sent out the message: stay out of this because you can't help because you are well-meaning but don't understand the complexities that we have mastered, and if you keep on speaking out the government might think we are all stupid, squabbling and self-serving.