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skillfully constructed

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Well-made cocktails can help you shift gear after days of vino
The long finish of a well-made premium wine will last longer and seem more pleasing, more like the sound of a silver bell.
In A Well-Made Bed, coauthors Abby Frucht and Laurie Alberts use strong and complex characters and an almost campy plot device to explore how two young women, both raised in strict households outside of the mainstream, react when faced with temptation.
It remains to be seen if it will last, but it seems well-made.
Apart from an unexpected opening scene, there's barely an original frame in Jim Taihuttu's well-made but by-the-book immigrant boxer pic, "Wolf." Toughened Moroccan parolee hanging with the wrong crowd?
All of which means that if you choose a well-made 4x4 or a small, frugal car that's cool, you'll save on depreciation.
It's a tasty, well-made beer, and the flavors really pop.
This is a well-made film; the perfect way to spend the next couple of hours (if it's on a little late for a school night, be sure to set the recorder).
It is a point that was well-made by Mr Miliband last night as he sought to highlight the impact that the benefit changes will have on half a million people, such as blind Peter Bennetts who says he will be pounds 420 a month worse off.
Our favorites are simple, strong, and well-made of quality materials.
Most disposable items used in surgical procedures today are so well-made they can withstand multiple uses.
After all, it's a quality well-made title, it's addictive and it's something the kids and a lot of adults find enjoyable.
"The one thing that our forebears realised in the late 19th century was that if you went into Afghanistan at all you went there with a well-made plan to get the hell out" Tory MP and ex-regular soldier Patrick Mercer "I don't want to die.
FOR lovers of great quality rich, robust reds the Co-Operative has the deliciousYalumba Barossa Bush Vine Grenache 2009 on offer at pounds 7.99, down from pounds 9.99 and to freshen things up a touch the well-made Spanish pink fizz Codorniu Clasico Brut Ros NV is a cracking deal at pounds 5.99, down from pounds 8.99.
"Having worked as the exclusive agent for many Queens new developments and having closed over 50 transactions in Astoria/LIC in 2009, I can officially report that real estate in Queens, particularly in Astoria, LIC and Flushing, is in great demand, especially for well-made, well-priced product," said Hultmann.