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Synonyms for well-intentioned

marked by good intentions though often producing unfortunate results

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I no longer believe him to be thoughtful, well-intentioned and reasonable.
Putting one's well-researched, well-intentioned, brave nose into other people's business has saved and will continue to save millions of dollars (think of whistleblowers) and lives.
But he's going the right way about losing her if his antics this week are anything to go by - however, well-intentioned they may be.
The well-intentioned banter soon was gone A gentle shove, the deed was done Now softened sound and lights down low At last arrived a rosy glow Then suddenly amid the gloom Beside the bed and in the room A stretcher and a trolley Voices asking "Please get on" I did not feel so jolly The sounds of moving trolleys Were music to my ears An angel stood before me To banish all my fears Am I in heaven, I asked the vision And ready to meet the Lord?
In my opinion, and that of other informed and well-intentioned lawyers, there is still no consensus on what manner of identification procedure is best.
A well-intentioned dream of out-of-touch politicians, the reality in places like Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry has sometimes been very different.
LANGUAGE is a funny thing and the well-intentioned can be easily misconstrued if not put just right.
The paper publishes an appeal to all peace-loving, democratic, progressive and well-intentioned individuals and forces in the world to raise their voice against the forced extermination of Macedonians.
First, there is the fear of arguments even if they come from well-intentioned people and then there is the practice of stoking up fear with all the rest, no exceptions.
While well-intentioned, these efforts are inadequate to the real need for change in how time is spent in schools.
A well-intentioned mission, brilliantly conceived by Barnes Wallis and successfully competed by Bomber Command.
The Taliban must be censured for kidnapping well-intentioned volunteer workers, who went to Afghanistan to offer medical and social services.
The man who is now the club's main shareholder is keen to spread the message to Newcastle's supporters that his interest in the club is well-intentioned and focused on success.