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Synonyms for well-grounded

based on good judgment, reasoning, or evidence

Synonyms for well-grounded

logically valid

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2) Well-grounded. In every action and decision that you take, it must always be grounded on good evidence and sound reasoning.
'I will not accuse the members of the council of ill-motives, these people are patriots, they work hard; but I think they're not well-grounded,' he added.
Having known Princess Eugenie and her sister Beatrice for many years I can honestly say you could never meet two lovelier, more polite and well-grounded women.
The result is a well-grounded exploration of the realities of contemporary Russia and a study that should be a part of every personal, governmental, community and academic library Contemporary Russia collection and supplemental studies reading lists.
This survey, albeit brief, represents the first effort to blend philosophy, history, and the meaning of the choice of those who protect and defend others and society, making for a well-grounded discussion that will lend nicely to classroom debates and discourse as well as consultation by those who answer the call to duty.
Hence research conferences are also a way of developing well-grounded economic science in Ukraine, since better economic education and understanding of economic processes translate into better quality and understanding of the central bank's decisions among the general public."
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The leaders of Germany and France said they have been given some evidence by the UK in support of its claim that the nerve agent used to poison former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal was produced in Russia, adding that the proof is "well-grounded".
It also happens that Otto Komoly, president of the Budapest Jewish Rescue Committee (JRC), was my uncle, and I have access to his wartime diary, and through it a well-grounded understanding of the heroic work of the JRC.
In the closing arguments, the judges pointed out that it was difficult to make the decision on the winner taking into account the well-grounded arguments of both teams.
19 showcasing well-grounded German engineering in its
Don't anticipate an easy introduction, however: students well-grounded in social science will find his themes challenging and his discussions of development essential to understanding the discipline as a whole.
Millar surveys the Harrison's work and finds him to have been a well-grounded architect who worked hard and seems to have been a self-effacing man.
You have to be either very thickskinned or well-grounded." Former Bond girl Serena Gordon.
You have to be either very thick-skinned or well-grounded" - Former Bond girl Serena Gordon.
At a hearing in Parliament's energy committee, Boev announced demands by the companies without further elaborating whether DKEVR deems their claims well-grounded.