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Synonyms for well-grooved

established as if settled into a groove or rut


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As a result, they coasted to their highest league finish for nearly a decade and went into the National Trophy final against Leeds well-grooved but fresh and having attended to every last detail in their homework.
Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has served up this advice to the rest of the batters, wanting them to open up their legs a bit more in order to be settled and well-grooved in stance in abnormally windy conditions prevalent at Basin Reserve Park.
The bureaucracy is so well-grooved to the system and Japan's social organization is so cohesive, cynics have said the nation could run on autopilot.
Macclesfield's one-dimensional tactics of a very well-grooved rolling maul allowed them to grab a slender half-time lead at 13-10.
Such gestures today enter a well-grooved field: making them has very few costs and, for white scholars at least, more than a few benefits.
But the appearance of suggestiveness in literature was, at least, an evidence that our literature was growing, that it was seeking some outlet from the well-grooved plot that had for so long curbed its efforts at fuller expression.
Followers of Sir Mark Prescott's well-grooved Newmarket operation have been on good terms with themselves in recent weeks, for after a typically slow start to the turf season the yard has rapidly made up for lost time.
Legz in the XI Ryan Shotton and Morrison's partnership is so well-grooved they were able to adjust to playing in front of a new goalkeeper without missing a beat.